Age: 200,000 years old

Race: Disco lordeon

Abilities: Tail snip, Micro blast, talon scratch, Piercing tail, Wing boost,

Weapons: Country blade, Rock blade, Dubstep blade, Techno blade,

Appearance: Human like creature with a soul necklace charm and big angel wings. a rattle snake tail and large bird talons for legs. Has the symbol for the orb of music on his chest

Alignment: (need help on this part since idk what this means)

Relatives: Jason vorheese

Backstory: Boogywoogums once named cain roamed the earth as the first human. he was powered by sounds, he felt it was a benefit to his species. no one else felt this way. so he ran away. he found himself in a forest and the birds chirped. louder and broke into a beautiful tune. He started seeing beats through the air. he groaned as he shined talons sprouted from his legs and wings sprouted from his shoulders. He found his purpose. To sound out the music and help species in trouble.

Realm of origin: Earth realm

Allies: sub zero and devora

Foes: Scorpion Reptile

Name: boogywoogums

Realm that he lives in now: The realm of music