Name: Ashrex

Age: 17-20

Abilities: Fire Manipulation, Fire Resistance and Teleportation.

Weapon: An ax which controls fire as well.

Appearance: Long beaded dreadlocks. His skin tone is an almond tan, very much alike Cyrax's in Mortal Kombat 9. His body is evenly toned, but with very little muscle. He enjoys wearing a large holey leather vest with baggy brown jeans. He is usually wearing "jandals." (Jesus Sandals.) His eyes are a dark shade of green. His body lets off a somewhat grungy smell.

Alignment: Neutral.

Relatives: Distant relations with Scorpion.

Backstory: Ashrex, or Ashton Rex, was born to Natalie and Justin Rex. Both were well known warriors of Earthrealm. His great great grandmother was grown from Scorpion's DNA in Shang Tsung's flesh pits. His family was past down for generations, but, no one else besides his great great grandmother inhabited Scorpion's powers. Ashton got Scorpion's powers and was teleported into a tournament when he turned 17. Ashton managed to escape Shao Khan's death island and has been featured in many different films as a stunt double or an actor due to his flexibility, agility and fire powers.

Realm of Origin: Earthrealm

Allies: Sonya, Johnny Cage, Jax, Raiden, Scorpion and Liu Kang.

Foes: Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Smoke, Shao Khan, Mileena, Sektor and Sindel.