Name: Kotar

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Mixed between Draco Skokan and dragon ( I know Shokan are all ready half Dragon so this would mean he would be 3 quarters dragon and 1 quarter shokan)

Abilities: Flight, Fire breath, Wind Breath, Resistance to fire and most magics, Ground Stomp, Shokan Strength..

Weapons: His Fists and feet.

Appearance: Big strong posture. Dark charcoal Scaled skin with a tad bit lighter tiger stripe pattern up the back. large wings (Though not real huge). Bone plating leveled around his wrists, shoulders , chest and shins. a longish dragon tail, Shokan hands and feet. No hair with Red glowing eyes. He wears only a cloth overlay covering his genitalia..

Alignment: none

Realm of Origin: Outworld

Relatives: Sheeva and Onaga

Backstory: Kotar was conceived by sheeva, a Draco Shokan under the rule of Onaga. Onaga being the emporer at the time decided to force Sheeva into having intercourse, which resulted in the birth of Kotar. At the time of the birth Sheeva didnt want him but Onaga did. He kept him. Following the years as Kotar was learning of his orgins, he became really questionable towards his father. As he'd train, Onaga would see the Strength of him and his abilities granted with the abilities of a Shokan, He began to fear. Hating having his throne at a possible risk, he banished Kotar to barren lands of outworld. From this Kotar has rage, and inturn vows he will have the throne

Now he roams the realms searching for a way to destroy his father and take the throne.

Allies: None

Foes: Onaga (And his wariors)

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